Swiss Innovation

The new trend of placing your favorite painting over the flat TV on the wall is the smart idea of a Swiss. It is an elegant solution if you want to arrange your home in a stylish way.

Daniel Hoss developed a great tool for every interior designer, using only the very best material like hard anodized aluminum, polymer bearings, smart motors from the automotive industrie as well as a sophisticated safety programming.

How did it come about that a Swiss makes the innovation ART over TV. As the houses and apartments in Switzerland are smaller than in other parts of the world, Daniel searched for a smart solution so that the homeowners TV and his favorite painting share the same space on the living room wall.

Since TV sets first came on the scene there has been a wish to hide them. This was the beginning of the triumphant success of the TV furniture in the late 60's. Hundred of millions TV furniture were sold worldwide. TV furniture was common to the hotel industry as well as the people in Asia where a good Feng Shui requires that all electronic equipement be hidden.

His incentive to realize this demanding task came from his desire to display large pop art paintings at his office and at the same time have the TV on the wall for videos, which were occasionally shown.

After several prototypes and fundamental evaluation over a period of two years of the different needs, Daniel offers today a simple to install, functionally reliable and easy to use system.

Daniel Hoss with an ART over TV in use

System und Design - Enlarge your house in minutes.

ART over TV by Hoss
Daniel Hoss
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For orders in America contact the company Milestone.

Works excellently with Bang & Olufsen, JVC, Loewe, Hitatchi, Panasonic, Philips, Revox, Sharp, Toshiba and many others which are all registered trade marks.

ARToverTV is a registered trade mark, patents pending.

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ARToverTVby Hoss