ART over TV may be used irrespective of the TV brand. The installation itself will be done after the TV is mounted.


Maximum extend of the TV front from the wall is 18 cm. The less the better.


mount 91 cm
21 cm
minimum 12,8 cm
painting minimum TV plus 10 cm
minimum 104 cm
TV open
maximum  67 cm
max 17,7 cm from wall

Any painting may be used which you can fix to a bar either by screws or special 3M double sided tape. i.e. for a 42" TV the painting will be 118 cm wide so the TV and the whole installation of ART over TV is covered.

There is no additional remote control necessary as the ART over TV system is selflearning and works with 98% of the existing TV remotes. i.e. turning the TV on or off moves the painting up or down. (some Philips remote controls have currently problems, therefore you will get an additinal remote)

Sales price € 1'248.- or CHF 1'980.- (excl. taxes).

You can install Art over TV by yourself. When you would like to have the system installed contact us.

Safety. There is a manual stop button.

Option: Side panals € 98.-

Lookin for the perfect painting?

You find great paintings from excellent artists with following links.

According to the Wall Street Journal online the perfect solution so your wife is approving the
big TV in your living room.

ART over TV by Hoss

Phone +41 78 698 98 88

For ordering in America contact the company Milestone.

The system is FCC approved.

Works excellent with Bang & Olufsen, JVC, Loewe, Hitatchi, Panasonic, Philips, Revox, Sharp, Toshiba and many others which are all registered trade marks.

ART over TV is a registered trade mark, patented in Switzerland.

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FCC approved

ARToverTVby Hoss